Pasture-raised eggs

Breakfast, baking, cooking, or just a snack – these kitchen essentials are so tasty when they come from happy hens running around on pasture! Legacy’s “ladies” free-range throughout the day within a large movable run. At night they cozy up together in an eggmobile for warmth, safety, and comfort.

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Forest-raised pork

Unlike most supermarket pork, Legacy’s pigs never see a concrete floor or confinement pen. They roam over large sections of hardwoods and pine trees, searching the forest floor for tasty treats. They love taking a dip in the pond they created to cool off during the hot summer days.

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Pasture-raised chicken

Legacy Farm’s meat chickens call a portable “chicken tractor” home. This mobile shelter not only protects the birds from heat, rain, and predators. It also is frequently moved onto fresh grass to remove the birds from yesterday’s waste and give them a fresh buffet of greenery (and bugs!).

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Who is Legacy Farm?

Legacy Farm, established in 2016 and located in Talladega County, Alabama is a small-scale family owned and operated farm. Legacy Farm’s belief is that mankind benefits when we function in conjunction with God’s design. This plays out in farming by observing and working within nature’s constraints, not attempting to override them. Legacy Farm treats each animal with respect, compassion, and dignity from their first day to their last. Legacy’s animals are raised on pasture, frequently being rotated onto fresh grass to aid in providing optimal nutrition.


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