Our History

Back in the days of horse-drawn carriages and outhouses, the land of Legacy Farm belonged to a single family. Over time the land was divided into multiple parcels with multiple owners. Fast forwarding many, many years brings you to the point in time when the Honorable William E. Robertson gained ownership of a few of these parcels. It quickly became Judge Robertson’s passion to consolidate all the individual parcels back into the original single farmstead. He succeeded in piecing back together what is known today as Legacy Farm.

Our Story

Judge Robertson’s only child (and thereby favorite daughter), Heather, married David Kaiser in the summer of 2006. When “The Judge” passed away in early 2007, Heather immediately inherited ownership of the farm. But, living over 400 miles away made it challenging to do anything other than maintenance activities with the land. Dave’s parents moved to the farm in 2009 and provide much needed assistance in taking care of the property.

In 2016, Heather and Dave made the decision to move their family from Florida to Alabama in order to be closer to Dave’s parents and the farm. Dave was interested in breaking away from his career in technology and after much thought, conversation, and prayer, formed Legacy Farm LLC and made farming his full-time job.

Our Methods

Dave spent countless hours researching a wide array of farming topics leading up to his departure from the corporate world. Common sense combined with a compassion for animals taught him that current “factory farming” models of churning out animals as quickly as possible for human consumption just was not right. Working alongside Mother Nature instead of trying to outsmart her seemed like the most logical farming method. Treating animals with respect, raising them outdoors, protecting them from predators, and constantly rotating them onto fresh pasture is our practical application of this partnership.

Our Legacy

So why the name “Legacy Farm”? Well, there are many reasons:

  • First and foremost, the highest and best use of this land is to further testify to God’s legacy of kindness, love, provision, grace, and mercy to us all.
  • Judge Robertson’s legacy was providing this tremendous asset to his family. It is named thusly in honor of him and his accomplishment in reforming disjointed segments of land back into a unified whole.
  • Some day, Heather and Dave will be gone but this land will remain. It in part will be their legacy to their sons, William and Luke.
  • Hopefully some day, William and Luke will use this land to God’s glory and to the benefit of others, thereby building their own legacy.

Like what you see?

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