Grass, not dirt

Our meat chickens are raised directly on green grass. They benefit from their “chicken tractor” (scroll down for more info) frequently being moved onto fresh pasture. And we benefit from the free organic fertilizer! Our goal is to move them every day (or every other day) to get them away from yesterday’s waste and onto a new buffet. Since they move about so often, you’ll never see our birds stuck in a stationary coop with a dirt floor or worse – a concrete-lined poultry confinement house.

Here you can see the progression of our chicken tractor moving through the field. This picture, starting in the foreground, shows the path our meat birds are taking through the pasture. The grass where they have been heals quickly and benefits greatly from the chicken’s brief visit.

Our birds

Currently, Legacy Farm exclusively raises Cornish Cross chickens as our meat birds. We use this breed because it has the same traits people like in the chicken they buy from the supermarket. Cornish Cross birds mature quickly, produce a large amount of breast meat, and taste delicious. While our chicken has a flavor you will savor and find familiar, the difference in texture is remarkable. Supermarket poultry will seem as though you are chewing through a thick rubber ball once you taste our tender pasture-raised chicken.

The chicken tractor

Cornish Cross, while arguably one of the tastiest chicken breeds, is also one of the laziest. These birds simply were not made for free-ranging. In fact, these chickens are so lazy that as adults they will lay down while eating. They are an easy target for any predator faster than a sloth. If given the chance to freely roam, they probably would not be able to find their way back to food and water. All of these reasons make it an obvious choice to keep the Cornish Cross in a portable coop for their safety and comfort. This coop is called a “chicken tractor”.

Our chicken tractor is a simple hoop-house style structure built out of scrap wood, pig panels, poultry wire, and a tarp. Fresh water and supplemental feed is kept inside of the tractor along with the birds. The tarp keeps rain off the birds while the poultry wire sides provide maximum ventilation.

The chicken tractor stays within the same predator-proof portable electrical netting enclosure as our egg-laying chickens. Here is one of our “old timer” hens greeting the new kids on the pasture. More on our pasture-raised egg-laying chickens can be found here.

The final product

We process all of our meat chickens on site at the farm. We do this to ensure that the same level of dignity, compassion, and respect we’ve given our birds throughout their life persists to their last moments. This also ensures that the processing conforms to our high standards of providing premium quality chicken to you, our customer.

Our biggest bird to date weighed in at a whopping 7 pounds! Here it is processed, shrink bagged, labeled, and headed for the freezer.

Like what you see?

Contact us using one of the methods below to check current availability and pricing for our pasture-raised chicken. Thank you for making all of this possible and supporting Legacy Farm!