Why Legacy Farm eggs?

This picture shows what makes Legacy Farm eggs different from what you buy at the supermarket. This is one of our Easter Egger hens enjoying a fresh caught snack. Our hens spend the daylight hours hunting grasshoppers, crickets, moths, worms, or anything else that dares to move and looks remotely appetizing to them.

Legacy’s “Ladies”

Currently, Legacy has two breeds of egg-laying chickens: Rhode Island Reds and Easter Eggers. The Rhode Island Reds lay a large brown egg while the Easter Eggers lay a light green colored egg. Both thrive in their free-range environment, have friendly personalities, and enjoy a good back scratching as long as you are willing to give them one.

Here’s one of our Rhode Island Red hens.
Rhode Island Red

And here is one of our Easter Egger hens (with another one with white feathers in the background).

Our eggmobile

The eggmobile is a portable chicken coop. It provides shelter from rain and protection from predators while giving the hens a place to roost at night. Built on an old trailer frame, it is a critical component of our pasture-rotation model. It is enclosed on two sides to prevent strong winds and rain from entering inside the structure. Along the bottom of one of these sides is a double row of nest boxes. The other two sides and all along the top are wrapped in chicken wire to provide plenty of ventilation.

Here is our eggmobile getting ready to be moved onto a new patch of fresh pasture.

Electrical netting protects the hens from becoming a snack. We’ll typically fence off about a quarter acre at a time inside of which our hens free range. This quarter acre is moved around the field about once every 7-10 days.
That means that each hen has about 240 square feet all to themselves! Compare that to a typical factory farming egg production facility where the hens only have about 1.5 (yes, that is one-and-a-half) square feet per bird! (The white hoop structure houses our meat chickens.)

Like what you see?

Contact us using one of the methods below to check current availability and pricing for our pasture-raised eggs. Thank you for making all of this possible and supporting Legacy Farm!